Coursework 3

For my course work 3 advertisement promo , i will be advertising a mobile phone non-existing one and the name of the company is NT(Nano-Tech) and the name of the mobile phone is ES 1(Eclispe Script 1).

Looked at some phones and their designs this week, trying to see how my the phone design is going to be, but haven’t concluded yet if the phone is going to be a full touch screen or its going to have keypad or its going to be plain touch with no button like the new blackberry Z10. but the decision will be made this week.


                                         submission  deadlines

Completion of the Phone design (final product) using Photoshop  –——-> 3/09/2013

Making of the poster plus doing the research ——–> 3/17/2013

Creating advert video plus research on advert video  ——–> 4/13/2013

Social Network plan submission to blog    ——–> 4/20/2013

Posting of Advert Video and Poster on social network sites ——–> 4/26/2013

did research for the poster, took couple of pictures am going to use use for the poster

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